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There’s no one definition of success.

For software teams, customer satisfaction is the most common measure of success.

But teams also look at other metrics, such as mean recovery time, application crash rate, issues closed, and open/close rate to gauge success.

Metrics measuring team success

Customer satisfaction

Mean time to recover/repair

Application crash rate

Issues closed

There’s also a need for speed.

~85% of teams also ranked velocity and mean time to recover as important metrics of success alongside CSAT.

Most important measure of team success
93% Customer satisfaction, 86% mean time to recover/repair, 85% team velocity

So many tools, so little time.

On average, development teams require


tools to move code from development to customers 

(with code review, monitoring apps,  automated testing and code repositories being the most common tools)



tools just to know the status of a project.

And it’s not just hunting for info

56% of teams have to provide status updates once a day (or even more frequently). 

56% of teams provide status updates daily

And for some teams, more tools leads to more problems.

The largest issue facing development teams with multiple tools? A lack of integration.

However, over a third also cited too much context switching, lack of visibility, and user management challenges as downsides.

Issues with multiple tools

Lack of integration across tools

Too much context switching across tools

Lack of visibility across tools

User management is a pain

Still, the future is bright.


of developers agree that their team is empowered with the right tools and resources to make better products

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